Your assistant in international labelling!

KTBA’s LabelCoach is an experienced specialist in international labelling legislation and product specification administration. They can assist you in correctly drafting the information for your packaging or label. The LabelCoach also helps organizations set up and/or maintain product specifications according to the latest legislation and can operate in every relevant software system.

Labbeling Specialist

Drafting product specifications and food labels is a profession! The days of ‘doing the job on the side’ are over. Complex retailors demands and legislation in this area require in depth knowledge from the manufacturer. It is essential to have the packaging provide the consumer of correct information on the characteristics of a product, so they can verify if the product meets their requirements and is suitable for their circumstances. The KTBA LabelCoach has this knowledge and is the best conceivable partner for the job!


KTBA’s “Label Compliance” department evaluates the labelling of food and non-food packaging for many manufacturers and retailers, worldwide, for 60 countries.

For example

  • Drafting product specifications;
  • Maintaining recipes;
  • Maintaining raw material specifications;
  • Filling out product information sheets for retail organizations;
  • Filling out questionnaires for Business to Business clients;
  • Incl. traffic management of above services.