Riskplaza is a database with information on the food safety of ingredients. The database, Riskplaza, holds information on the hazards possibly pertaining to certain ingredients and the measures that can be taken to contain these hazards. This information can be accessed by means of a subscription and is for companies (and their suppliers) in the affiliated sectors, the government and the authorities connected to the Riskplaza-audit+-system. Riskplaza is under supervision of the Riskplaza foundation, in which almost all sectors of the food industry are represented. Riskplaza foundation, together with authorities from the various sectors, the NVWA and certifying institutions, ensures that Riskplaza contains the most up to date information.

The KTBA People in Food consultants can support you in setting up an approved Riskplaza-audit+-system. KTBA has previously set up 70% of the currently approved systems and is therefore very experienced.